Strategic Partnerships
ACS has established strategic partnerships with both TransFirst and Fifth Third Bank to provide outstanding credit card and transaction processing services as well as exceptional customer service and loyalty.


ACS offers a complete array of products and services that can be uniquely customized for the special needs of all sizes and types of merchants whether operating in a retail, e-commerce or mail order/telephone order environment.


About Us    

Apex Card Services is a multifaceted payment solutions provider. We have established a strategic partnership with TransFirst to provide outstanding credit card transaction processing services. We have the expertise needed to perform and excel for our customers. We are dedicated to providing the latest technology as well as committed to the apex of service levels.

Apex Card Services is positioned and staffed for dynamic continued growth. As a full service payment solutions provider, we offer our clients a broad suite of products and services including: Credit, Debit, EBT, Check Conversion and Guarantee, Gift & Loyalty Cards, Wireless, and Mobile payment solutions.

Apex Card Services is at the forefront of technology. We invite you to be part of our explosive growth and to allow us to assist in your company growth through utilization of our products and services. Please contact us to discuss the solution for you and your company.

• Prioritized 24/7 Customer Service.
• No Hidden Fees.
• Full Visa/MasterCard Check Card Rebates.
• A Straight Pass-Through from Visa/MasterCard on Surcharges and Interchange Reductions.
• Premiere On-Line Reporting.
• Discount Charged Monthly, Not Daily.
• No Switching Costs.
• Full Disclosure of all Processing Fees.
• Easy to Understand Monthly Statements.
• An Account Executive Permanently Assigned to you.

Processors will promise low discount rates, but the hidden costs and expensive surcharge categories like “Tiers”, “Non-Qualified”, etc. are in fact making the “low discount rate” meaningless.

Apex Card Services can save your organization a great deal of money by using our secure and inexpensive payment processing system.

Mission Statement

Apex Card Services strives to provide a superior level of transaction processing services to merchants across the U.S. by offering fair, fully disclosed and honest pricing with the highest level of on-going customer support that consistently exceeds our merchants’ expectations. We continue to expand our merchant base by offering a consultative sales approach and being a recognized technology innovator in our rapidly changing industry.

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ACS is a division of TransFirst, LLC.
TransFirst,LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of:
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, GA.
Columbus Bank and Trust Co., Columbus, GA.